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‘Tis the Season to Stay Connected – 10% off of stamp purchases from December 5th – 12th

Staying connected is even more important during the holidays, so JPay is now offering 10% off of all stamp purchases!

Between December 5th – 12th, 2017, any stamp purchase will be 10% off – the promotional pricing is currently reflected on and the JPay mobile app.  You can also call our toll-free number to speak with a Customer Service Representative, 1-800-574-5729.

Happy Sending!




  1. JPayJT

    May 7, 2019 - 2:02 pm

    Hi Lorri – Thank you for your interest. Tablets are now available in Florida State Prison System. Thanks!

  2. JPayJT

    April 25, 2019 - 4:39 pm

    Hi Traconi – Thank you for contacting JPay. We apologize for any misinformation. All promotions that are advertised comes with terms and conditions. is our platform used to communicate will all customers. Some only have money transfer, some emails and others tablets. Thanks!

  3. JPayJT

    April 22, 2019 - 11:15 am

    Hi Danielle – Please email or call 800-574-5729 to speak with a customer service representative who can help you. Thanks!

  4. Danielle

    April 22, 2019 - 2:16 am

    I would like to know how much one of the mini tablets cost so I can order one for my brother he is in St.Cloud mn.

  5. JPayJT

    February 8, 2019 - 2:00 pm

    Hi Jazzy – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working effortlessly to correct not receiving notification via the JPay app. Thanks!

  6. Moni

    February 2, 2019 - 3:45 pm

    I can only laugh. Why? I’m still waiting for the discount of my time-bought stamps. Jpay makes big publicity and then it says, “Your relative is in a jail that does not allow it.”
    Why then advertise great? Write down which prison opposes you.

    And Jpay supports as well as Union Supply only relatives and friends who live in the States and NOBODY !!!
    But I am also a friend and soon even the fiancee. Again, only lies. Money, profit and power – you can and you want that – nothing more !!!

    And as always, this message will definitely be deleted by Jpay again.


    January 30, 2019 - 11:39 am

    Good Morning I understand that you’ll just did an update, However I have been writing for this for weeks and no response to my questions or problem.. I cant receive notification since the update and its very annoying. I feel to believe this is a big company and it should work for you to be able to be in contact with your love one.
    I really need this situation addressed.
    I also have an iPhone 8 plus

    Thanks have a great day !!

  8. JPayJT

    January 18, 2019 - 12:25 pm

    Hi Brenda – Missouri Department of Corrections have tablets available. Yes, tablets purchased at one location will be transferred to the individuals new location. Thanks!

  9. Brenda

    January 17, 2019 - 5:49 am

    When will WRDCC In St Joe, MISSOURI be getting tablets?! Cost?! Can we preorder? Also, when the inmate transfers out of diagnostics to either their new housing unit or when released– will they get to transfer tablet with them?! Sorry I have ALOT of questions regarding these. My husband is in 11 house in WRDCC currently & will be getting transferred before long. Just don’t wanna jump gun if need to wait. Ty for info!

  10. JPayJT

    January 11, 2019 - 4:39 pm

    Hello Danna – We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing. Please email or call 800-574-5729 to speak with a customer service representative who can help you. Thanks!

  11. DANNA

    December 25, 2018 - 6:16 pm

    I want to be kept up to date on sales and news available on JPAY and it keeps saying to: Update your email address here and receive important notifications and special discounts.
    We noticed you haven’t confirmed your email address yet, click here to update your communication settings to receive important notifications and special discounts.

    I’ve updated it it is the same email, what do I do?

  12. JPayJT

    December 12, 2018 - 11:24 am

    Hi Nikki – Please email or call 800-574-5729 to speak with a customer service representative who can give you more information on tablets. Thanks!

  13. Nikki Fenwick

    December 10, 2018 - 5:20 pm

    How much do tablets & media cost? Is there a “menu” of costs? Franklin CI in Florida

  14. JPayJT

    December 6, 2018 - 1:50 pm

    Hi Jazzy – The only two states that are having issues is California and Louisiana. All other participating states are working fine and the promotional price is displayed at checkout, there is no code or other reduction. Thanks!

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