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Tips for Friends and Family of an Inmate

Communication is Key

Upholding relationships is difficult for many relatives of inmates, but countless people are figuring out new ways to stay connected with their loved ones behind bars. The Internet has been an extremely reliable tool for many, with new means of communication created every single day. From e-mail to care packages, relatives of inmates are doing anything they can to maintain their connection with family members and friends in jail, and is making it even easier.

Take Advantage of JPay and Other Online Resources, the most trusted leader in inmate services, has opened new doors for relatives of inmates. They have the most sophisticated online system for inmate communication and correspondence, from money transfers to personal letters. If you are trying to stay in touch with someone in jail, there are many things you can do using JPay to keep the connection strong.

Easily Communicate with Inmates Using JPay

First, set up an account with JPay. Registering is completely free, so you can browse their services to see if it’s right for you. Their most popular services include money transfers, care packages, electronic inmate mail. JPay makes communicating with your loved one in prison quick, easy, and exciting. It allows you to stay completely connected without dealing with the extensive security measures taken during visitation and it’s safer, more fun, and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Open Up on the Discussion Forums

There are also help tips for someone who’s loved one is in prison on JPay’s free discussion forums. If you are having a hard time coping with the loss of someone to the prison system, the online forums allow you to open up anonymously and share your thoughts and feelings. There are over 2 million other people that have shared your experience, and JPay unites friends and relatives of inmates to share stories.

Look to the Future

Relatives of inmates should try to maintain their relationship with their loved ones in jail, and look towards the future. Take advantage of JPay’s free online discussion forum if you have questions about your situation or would like outside advice.