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A History of Violence

The first in a three-part series examining the death penalty in America. In order to understand the death penalty in America, it’s important to look at its position in the nation’s history.  The practice of putting an individual to death as punishment for a crime did not originate with the

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Mama’s Coming Home

Thousands of female inmates in California could be released as part of a new program implemented by the state this week, reports the CNN blog This Just In.  The Alternative Custody Program, which became law in 2010, allows inmates with less than two years to serve on sentences for nonviolent,

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CA County Jails and the Supreme Court

What Monday’s ruling means for local facilities in CA and what can be done Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the state of California must reduce its state prison population by more than 33,000 inmates, to 110,000, citing persistent overcrowding as an infringement on 8th Amendment rights.  Governor

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