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The Butterflies of Mission Creek

With the help and blessing of the US military, inmates at the Mission Creek Corrections Center in Washington State have started raising butterflies. If that sentence seems strange to you, it seemed a little strange to us, too. Apparently, according to the Kitsap Sun, one of the last remaining habitats

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Mama’s Coming Home

Thousands of female inmates in California could be released as part of a new program implemented by the state this week, reports the CNN blog This Just In.  The Alternative Custody Program, which became law in 2010, allows inmates with less than two years to serve on sentences for nonviolent,

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JPay Comes to Louisiana

Inmates’ friends and family can now send money in Louisiana through, the JPay money order lockbox, and at any MoneyGram location. Sending money in the Big Easy just got easier. JPay is launching in Louisiana today, which means sending money to state prisoners will now be as easy and

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