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Prison Pets

Inmates in Pennsylvania and Nebraska experience the therapeutic effects of domestic animals Normally we use the space on this blog to comment on aspects of the correctional system that relate, even tangentially, to us at JPay. This being a post-Irene, still-kind-of-grey Monday morning, we thought we’d stray from that tendency

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JPay Comes to Louisiana

Inmates’ friends and family can now send money in Louisiana through, the JPay money order lockbox, and at any MoneyGram location. Sending money in the Big Easy just got easier. JPay is launching in Louisiana today, which means sending money to state prisoners will now be as easy and

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CA County Jails and the Supreme Court

What Monday’s ruling means for local facilities in CA and what can be done Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the state of California must reduce its state prison population by more than 33,000 inmates, to 110,000, citing persistent overcrowding as an infringement on 8th Amendment rights.  Governor

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