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Mini-tablet for Prisons Now Available in Louisiana, Virginia, Washington and N. Dakota!

The JP4 (R) mini-tablet is also available in Virginia, Washington and North Dakota.   JPay’s revolutionary mini-tablet, the JP4, is now available for purchase in all Louisiana state correctional facilities.  You can also buy the JP4 player for a Louisiana inmate online at  Additionally, all Louisiana  facilities now allow

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No PlayStation? No Problem.

Inmates in Nevada file lawsuit to recoup funds spent on banned game consoles Eighteen inmates in Nevada filed a lawsuit last week to recoup the cost of PlayStation II gaming systems they bought with funds from their inmate trust accounts. The option to purchase the game systems was introduced to

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Music to Our Ears

Can Music Help Inmates Cope? Music is central to the human experience.  From the time we’re infants, music plays an integral role in calming and soothing us, teaching us (everyone remember the alphabet song?), and helping us to relate to one another.  It stands to reason, then, that listening to

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