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A Hint of Haiti on the Night Shift

A Dispatch from Customer Service By Marie Jean-Baptiste I like the night shift.  During the day the customer service department buzzes like a beehive, but at night it’s quiet.  I can hear my customers better.  I can hear their accents better. One night a couple of weeks ago I got

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You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself, Miami-Dade

“Deplorable” conditions at Miami-Dade County jails revealed in DOJ report At JPay, we know that nothing is more frustrating to our customers than substandard conditions at their loved one’s correctional institution, except perhaps discovering that the prevalence and persistence such conditions is the result of systematic, avoidable indifference on the

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JPay Comes to Louisiana

Inmates’ friends and family can now send money in Louisiana through, the JPay money order lockbox, and at any MoneyGram location. Sending money in the Big Easy just got easier. JPay is launching in Louisiana today, which means sending money to state prisoners will now be as easy and

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