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Mail for Inmates

Once a person is sentenced to serve time in jail many of their rights are taken away and since each state has the right to monitor and decide how their prisons will be run, some states have taken away more rights for their prisoners than others.
Recently, Florida officials banned inmates from having online style listings (like those found on any “looking for friends” or dating sites. The reason behind the decision is that it creates problems and a potential conflict of interest for the person on the outside; the one not in jail.
In reaction to the move taken by Florida officials, lawsuits saying this decision violates the prisoners’ First Amendment rights have been filed. The First Amendment states that the United States government cannot infringe upon people’s right to: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble peacefully or freedom of the press.
Other states like Missouri, Montana, Indiana and Pennsylvania have also instated similar restrictions on the rights of their prisoners. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is representing prisoners in both Indiana and Missouri who are protesting their state’s policies, banning them from posting online profiles or receiving mail from pen-pal organizations.
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