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JPay Supports Red Nose Day

Giving back is a big part of who we are at JPay and all the Securus Technologies companies!  Whether it’s a local organization or a broader initiative – like Red Nose Day – we’re all excited to show our support!  Get your red noses today and support children in need!



  1. JPayJT

    June 18, 2018 - 9:28 am

    Hi Iris – Please check with our Customer Service team at Some emails are flagged for review, which may cause delays in delivery. Thanks!

  2. Iris S Rivera

    June 17, 2018 - 12:21 pm

    It already been a week since I haven’t gotten an email. When will jpay start working again?

  3. JPayJT

    June 17, 2018 - 9:15 am

    Hi Janetta – When we have a finalized tablet deployment date for Missouri we’ll inform all customers. Thanks!

  4. Janetta T Ewing

    June 16, 2018 - 4:34 pm

    Do you know when the tables will be in missouri?

  5. JPayJT

    June 7, 2018 - 2:43 pm

    Hi Ebony – The JP5 tablet is available in certain CA locations. Once new locations adopt the tablet, we’ll inform customers. Thanks!

  6. Ebony Harris

    June 5, 2018 - 5:06 pm

    Hello I was wondering if and when the tablet would be available for correctional training facility in the state of ca.???

  7. JPayJT

    June 1, 2018 - 8:20 am

    Hi Diane – Once a tablet deployment date is confirmed for Florida, we’ll make sure all customers are made aware. Thanks!

  8. Diane Adams

    May 31, 2018 - 10:18 am

    Any word on the tablets for Columbia correctional annex in Florida

  9. JPayJT

    May 29, 2018 - 9:37 am

    Hi Glenda – Not at this time. Once we have a confirmed tablet deployment date we will inform all customers. Thanks!

  10. Glenda Garner

    May 26, 2018 - 12:20 pm

    Any news on the tablets for Santa Rosa CI work camp

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