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Inmates and the Need For Money

You probably think that an inmate’s needs would be met in prison.  Most of us are under the impression that they get three square meals a day and all of their daily necessities.  Some of us look at their life as rather comfy and easy, but let’s get real.  Prisoners have little to no freedom, they are sentenced sometimes to jails far away from friends and family, and they are housed with many horrible people…the environment isn’t exactly perfect.  In fact, there are many reasons why, as a family member, you may want to send an inmate money.  A little extra cash can go a long way toward helping them to live a more productive life while behind bars.

The quickest and easiest way to get an inmate money is to set up a free account with a company like JPay.  You can deposit money directly into the account and then the funds can be used to buy everything from extra toiletries, additional food items, to books and magazines to read in their spare time.

An inmate’s life in prison is not easy or fun, but a bit of money can make things more comfortable.