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Inmate Email

Contrary to popular belief, inmates don’t have unlimited access to the internet.  I read stories all of the time about prisoners on Facebook and Twitter, but the truth is that most inmates don’t smuggle in cell phones and break the rules.  Many prisoners are simply there to serve out their time peacefully and without incident.  That’s not to say there aren’t a few bad apples, there are, but by and large the men and women who want to do their time and return to a crime free life are playing by the rules.

If you want to contact a prisoner, you can use the web.  Inmate email is available in many facilities, but there are lots of rules and regulations.  The best way to contact an inmate by email is to do it through JPay.  JPay is a trusted leader in inmate services and can help families stay connected during these times.  They can also help you transfer funds to an inmate and facilitate video conferencing sessions for the inmates and their families.

The best way to help an inmate rehabilitate is to keep them close with the world outside the prison walls.  If you have a family member living behind bars, stay connected any way you can.