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How to Get Inmates Money

Do you have a friend in prison?  Has a family member of your been convicted and sentenced to jail?  If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, take a deep breath and know that you are not alone.  There are well over a million individuals living behind bars right now and their friends and family members are confused and struggling, just like you.  One very important consideration for you is how to make an inmate money transfer.  While most of the inmate’s everyday necessities will be cared after by the state, they need additional funds for some very vital services.

Inmates need extra cash to pay for calls home.  Talking on the phone and sending electronic mail is the best way to stay connected during this time.  Sending these additional funds will allow the inmate a bit of freedom to write or call home when they like, order a book to read, or listen to some music.  Help them to live a more normal life while behind bars by sending money and eMessages.