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Emailing an Inmate or Offender.

Staying in close contact with a friend or family member who is incarcerated is really important to their rehabilitation and their mental health and well being.  But inmate email is not all that you might think.  Yes, you can e-mail a prisoner, but the truth is in some instances they don’t get the correspondence right away.  Your e-mail is accepted by the prison, it is read and scanned for any issues, then it is turned into a paper copy.  The copy of your e-mail is then taken to the inmate to read.  Prisoners do not have internet access, so there is no automatic response from them, making the process slow, yet in some cases it may be the only way you can make contact with a loved one living behind bars.  But in some facilities across the country inmate have access to what is known as a kiosk.  These inmate kiosks allow inmates to receive incoming eMessages and some inmates can respond instantly to your message using this same kiosk.

So, no matter how you keep up with them, you are doing the right thing for them and their family.  Writing to an inmate can lift their spirits and give them hope of a better life in the future.