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Happy Holidays From JPay!

The winter holidays hold an outsized place in our collective consciousnesses, for reasons that go beyond the history of the holidays themselves.  Certainly, Christmas is a central event in the Christian calendar, yet it can be argued that Easter is more foundational to the faith.  Hanukkah is a key symbol

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Reader’s Choice II

Thanks to all of you who took the time to make blog topic suggestions on our Reader’s Choice post last month.  Your interests are important to us, and we’ll do our best to focus on them. Based on your comments, we are starting a series of articles on the death

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Happy Thanksgiving, JPay Family!

It’s that time of year again, when the question ‘what are you thankful for?’ is already on everyone’s lips, and we’re all making a mental tally of those things that we’re grateful to have in our lives. Chances are, when that question is asked around the dinner table on Thursday,

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Hard-Fought Justice

Last week, we tweeted (yes, we’re on Twitter: @jpay_com.  Hint, hint.) about the then-upcoming professional boxing debut of Dewey Bozella.  Now this isn’t a sports blog, so unless you’re an aficionado of the sweet science, you might be wondering what business JPay has blogging about a bout on the Hopkins-Dawson

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Prison Pets

Inmates in Pennsylvania and Nebraska experience the therapeutic effects of domestic animals Normally we use the space on this blog to comment on aspects of the correctional system that relate, even tangentially, to us at JPay. This being a post-Irene, still-kind-of-grey Monday morning, we thought we’d stray from that tendency

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