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JPay’s Holiday Art Contest

Is your incarcerated loved one a talented artist? Share their design on the theme of “Peace,” and their art could become the winning design for JPay’s Holiday Art Contest! To enter simply scan or take a picture of your loved one’s design and send it to us at for

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JPay Goes Pink! Creating an Opportunity for Inmates to Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Month, and this year JPay partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide incarcerated individuals the opportunity to support the fight against a disease that takes thousands of lives each year. October is flooded with pink products, but it’s incredibly difficult for incarcerated individuals to

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Stories from the Field

Picture this… part of your job is traveling to different states across the country. This job, however, is a little different from the typical job on the road: instead of convention centers or office buildings, you’re visiting correctional facilities. Welcome to a day in the life of a JPay Account

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