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Alternative Courts Can Transform Offenders, Not Just Punish Them

With traditional sentencing methods proving ineffective, there are now more than 2,800 “problem-solving” courts nationwide designed to address the root causes of the arrest-imprisonment-and-re-arrest cycle for juveniles, veterans, the mentally ill, drunk drivers, etc. Studies are showing that graduates of these specialized programs have fewer relapses than individuals who are

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America’s Prisons: A Road to Nowhere

Finding employment after prison is extremely difficult; and without education, it is virtually impossible. Though prison populations have risen over past 20 years, education has declined. But, all of that could change if Congress would reinstate Pell Grants, the federal government’s need-based financial assistance program for post-secondary education. In this opinion-based

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Inmates Give Back in a BIG Way

Incarcerated individuals at Madison Correctional Institution in London, Ohio, are giving back in a big way! They recently donated $2,500 to help fund scholarships for the children of the incarcerated through the non-profit organization Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF). JPay is a proud supporter of CCEF and how they’re helping

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