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Government Checks Mistakenly Sent to Inmates

One of President Obama’s promises was to send checks to people that would allow them to spend some money and therefore stimulate the economy. About 3,900 checks in the amount of $250 were sent to prison inmates. But if you’re in jail, you can’t do any shopping and prison inmates

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American Prison Numbers on the Rise

A new study says that one in 31 American adults is caught up in the prison system. The Pew Center on the States says the rate of people jailed or on probation or using some form of monitoring doubled over the course of 25 years. Justice Department figures also suggest

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Inmate Internet Access Debated

By Cathy Bussewitz Carson City, Nev. — A plan debated Tuesday by Nevada lawmakers would allow some state prison inmates – who lost the use of personal typewriters starting in 2007 – limited access to the Internet. Currently, inmates can’t use the Internet, but have access to electronic library materials

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