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About JPay

Who We Serve

JPay serves millions of incarcerated individuals, their loved ones, parolees and probationers, as well as returning citizens through continuous corrections technology innovation – simplifying, supporting, and connecting.

What We Do 

JPay designs, builds and deploys its technology to prisons and jails across the country, establishing correspondence to help educate and rehabilitate offenders. Serving more than 1.9 million offenders in 32 states, JPay makes the corrections process more convenient for offenders and their loved ones, while modernizing processes and increasing intelligence capabilities for corrections facilities. Products include money transfer services, email and video communications, tablets, education, games, music and more.

Why We Are Here 

More than a company, JPay is a community that prides itself on honest work and exceptional customer service. Available in 32 states and thousands of correctional facilities and prisons, our products and services are helping to change lives, connect loved ones, and inspire positive change throughout the corrections community.

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