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5 Reasons for Prisoners to Seek Education Programs

Here are some scary statistics:

More than half of the adults in American federal and state prisons can’t read or write, and have below an eight-grade education.

According to a report to the NY Senate, a majority of state prisoners do not have high school diplomas and a majority cannot read.

Another study looked at 220 male inmates at a NY State Maximum security prison and found that 79% of the inmates dropped out of high school.

Finally, the NJ Dept of Corrections estimates 70 percent of its offenders were functioning at the two lowest literacy levels.

A clear conclusion is this: The less education you have (academic, vocational, and moral), the more likely you are to go to and STAY IN prison.

Put another way, here are 5 reasons for inmates to do whatever it takes to seek educational opportunities while they are incarcerated:

1. All the statistics show that inmates who seek out education programs are much less likely to go back to prison when they get out.

2. Job skills (IE Things you can learn in prison vocational programs) equal money in the bank. The greater your skill sets, the greater your odds of getting a high paying and rewarding civilian job.

3. Educated prisoners are significantly less violent prisoners.

4. Prisoners who take advantage of educational opportunities have a much stronger and healthier sense of self-worth. In other words, they don’t feel the need to “prove themselves” so much because they have ACTUAL skills.

5. A thirst for knowledge needs no explanation. And it is never too late to start!


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