Money for Inmates

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When dealing with money in any way, shape or form, it’s always important to have trust and security in how your money is being transferred.
Being that we are all tight on money these days, how we spend it requires more consideration and counting of pennies than ever before. Families are struggling, single parents are struggling, young men and women right out of college are struggling, and so are prisoners. Inmates are at more of a financial disadvantage than any of us; typically they have not a cent to their names when they are released. If you have a loved one behind bars, making inmate deposits is one of the most supportive things you could do for this person.
Inmate deposits are made easily and quickly through JPay. With JPay, the money is generally credited to the inmate’s account by the following morning if not sooner.
Money for inmates can be sent using a debit or credit card. You can also send cash to certain jail facilities by going to any MoneyGram, CVS, or Walmart location.
To make sure that the prisoner you want to send money to is within JPay’s extensive system, simply go through the steps to register for a free account. You will first be asked for the inmate name and number. If it matches our database you will be able to proceed.
For more information about a particular state’s timing schedule or service fees, please sign up for a free account today. JPay provides 24/7 customer service.
Fees for sending money to inmates depend on the offender’s location. On our website, see “Fees and Timing” on the “Send Money” page. There are no additional fees, only the one to process the transaction.
JPay lets you have peace of mind knowing the payment is on its way. JPay’s website lets you look up your account information including card details, transaction history, and available balance. You can also edit your account information online. It’s also possible to make an inmate deposit through your account but by using someone else’s card, meaning that more than one source of “donations” can be attached to a single account.